Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Money Saving Ideas

The holidays are over and it is time to look at new ways to save. I’m always looking and trying new ways to save money and this New Year will be no different then any other. Always trying to close that gab of debt to income and become debt free.

Here is some tried and true money saving ideas, from my home to yours.

• With winter here, you can save money on your heating bill by rolling up paper towels or towels and placing them in the tracks of your windows. Les cold air coming in means less time the furnace has to run.
• Use your kitchen for beauty products, here are some ideas to get you started.
   *Fresh Lemons
   *Plain Yogurt
   *Extra Virgin Olive Oil
   *Baking Soda
Here is a site that will give you wonderful recipes for making some of you own beauty products. All Natural Beauty

• Grocery Shop every two weeks, the less I shop the more I save.

• Unplug-Unplug all of those small appliances when you are done with them. Even when they are not in use they are still pulling energy.

• Use Power Strips- Plug all of your chargers into a power strip, this will allow you to turn off the power strip when you are not charging anything.

• Have your power strip to your computer at reach so when you shut down your computer you can also turn the power off to the power strip. You can also hook up all of your entertainment system to a power strip and have it to at reach so that when you turn the TV off you can turn off the power strip to that as well. Saving $ monthly.

• When using your dishwasher all you real need is the light cycle for most loads and you can place the setting to air dry. Turn on the dishwasher before you leave in the mornings and they will be dry when you get home.

• Replace your rinse solution with vinegar. Just pour vinegar in the rinse solution basin.

When trying to save money you have to remember that every little bit adds up when it comes to cutting the budget and making your money go further.

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