A Little Bit About Me… Tami

This is the story of a full time wife, mom that also has a full time day job. In that day I try to make space for keeping fit, family, friends, life long learning, crafting, gardening, cooking and I guess cleaning. My faith makes me who I am. I believe in honoring god and family the rest comes next.

In this busy journey called life I’m trying to teach myself and my family to live a simple, frugal, debt free life. We have learned that money does not grow on threes. I want to try new and creative ways to reduce our spending so that we can increase our giving.

The family and I live at the base of the smallest mountain range in the world, where the town is only known for its High School Football. No stores, No stop lights, just High School Football and oh yea the Dawg House (very small sandwich/burger/coffee house)

Husband and Me…
Justin 15, Cody 18, Brooks 22
The Whole Family