Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Helping Your Teen Land A Job

Helping Your Teen Land A Job

In today’s market it is harder for our teens to land their firs job. It took our oldest son eleven months before he was able to find his first job. Here are some of the things we did to help him succeed in landing that first job.

• Talked with family and friends to see if they knew anyone that was hiring.
• Have them network at church and other organizations that they attend, to see if they can get
any leads.
• Have them do volunteer work. Volunteering will help them gain experiences, which will lead to good job references.
• Help them writ a resume.
• Have them include a letter of interest with all of their applications. They have to learn to sell themselves.
• Have them practice what they will say and do before they ask if they are hiring.
• Make sure they dress and look appropriate. First impression goes a long way.

Let your child know that they are trying and you understand that it is harder to find that first job in today’s times. Don’t let them get discouraged their day will come.

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