Saturday, October 30, 2010

Household Tips and Tricks

Tip #1
Use Rain-X on your glass shower doors. First clean them really well using your favorite soap scum bathroom cleaner, I use comet bathroom cleaner. Once it is good and dry apply a coat of rain-x to all the glass in the shower. You will be amazed at how this will help repel water spots and soap scum from building up on those glass doors that we all have a love hate relationship with. By applying rain-x it will keeping your shower looking cleaner for longer saving valuable time that we can be spending with family and friends instead of cleaning.

Keeping it clean one house at a time


nirra said...

I'm following from the Free Hot Samples blog hop. I'd love a follow back!

Helena said...

I love your tip! I'll try it. Where do you get Rain X? Never heard of it!

Tami said...

Rain X is found in the auto section of a store it is used for windsheild for cars. To help repel the rain.