Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bathroom Caddy

Tip #3

Free up some of your time by having your entire bathroom cleaning supplies in a handy caddy. I like to have everything right there and handy when it comes to the household chores, and the bathroom is no different. When you don’t have to find all the different items to clean the bathroom with, you are able to stay on task and finish faster. When you have different caddies for different jobs around the house, it allows the children to help out with out asking where things are because they are all right there for them. Also by having different caddies for different chores allows the children to do their chore with out bothering one another, chores with out fighting that has a nice ring to it.

Here is what inside…

• Windex
• Bleach and Water solution for shower mildew
• Comet bathroom cleaner
• Ajax
• Old tooth brushes
• Two sponges one for sinks and one for toilet (each in its own separate cup)
• Old Rags
• Roll of Paper Towels
• Rubber Gloves



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