Thursday, November 18, 2010

Closet Organization

There comes a time when you just need to organize your things to help stop the stress that can happen in your life.  One part of my day that can start the day off wrong is getting dressed in the morning, not being able to find the pair of pants or shoes that I want to wear for that day can send me into a whirl wind.  So it has occurred to me that it is time to fix that in my life and that requires me to organize and purge the closet.  You have to understand that a year ago I had a huge walk in closet and now that we have downed sized we have to share a 10 foot closet.  Yes that means that I only have 5 feet what is a girl to do with only five feet of closet space.  
Before pictures: Observe the pile of shoes in the corner and I wonder why I can’t find a matching pair in the morning. Also observe the pile of pants, Capri’s and skirts tossed on the top shelf, I mean I can’t even reach them. I have to have a step stole to get what I want.

The first thing I learned about have to share a closet with husband is that I have to store all the seasonal clothing and rotate as the season changes. I found that the large rubber maid tubs work the best for this. Once I have rotated items I then store the tubs in the corner of the garage.

After Picture:  I used closet maid products from target to organize my side of the closet.  I used two stacking shelves and placed them in the corner of the closer where there was a lot of wasted space.  I used those shelves to store all my pants or other items that could be folded.  I also purchased a longer shelf for the bottom of the closer to hold my shoes and placed my dirt clothes basket on top of it.

I also used a storage cube that fight in the stacking shelves for all of my tank tops so that I would not have to use valuable hanger space for all the under shirts.

The total cost for my closet make over from Target was under $45.00, and it has saved me valuable time in the morning and a lot less stress.

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