Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas

I found these composition books for $0.25 at the end of the back to school sales.  I picked up 8 of them for future use.  Not sure at the time I bought them what I would use them for.   

I finally decided on using these comp books for Christmas gifts for the girls in the office. I covered each book with fabric and embellished them with ribbon, rick rack, button and crafting flowers. Now these $0.25 comp books are a personalized journal. Here is what I did.

You will need
Comp books
Spray Adhesive
18” X 21” fabric scraps I used Quick Cuts Stax from Wal Mart
Card Stock Craft Paper
Hot Glue Gun

Measure and fold down the edges of fabric to fit the book. Iron the folds.

Spray the outside of the book with the adhesive spray. Place fabric onto the book and rub until it is good and smooth.

Fold the edges under the front and back flap. 

Embellish the outside cover with ribbon and any other items you would like to use to make it an original.

Once you are done with placing the ribbon on cover and tucking it under.  Cover the inside covers with the card stock scrap booking paper.  Adhere the paper with the spray on glue; rub to make sure all edges are good and sealed.   

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden


maddie/cadesmimi said...

What a neat idea! They look so pretty, and I never would've thought of doing that!

Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood said...

These are beautiful. I can't wait to read more of your stuff :) I have SO many of those notebooks too. Love the journal idea.

EmptyNester said...

Those are so pretty!

Suzie said...

I have made tons of these and they are great! Thanks for sharing!
Suzie @

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