Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sheep Ornaments

Deck the halls with these cute little sheep ornaments.
All you need for this project is…

• Large white Pom Poms
• Small black Pom Poms
• Black felt
• Old fashion cloths pins
• Black paint
• Thin ribbon
• Small Jingle Bells
• Glue Gun

First paint all the cloths pins black and let dry.
While the paint is drying cut out strips of black felt into ear shapes.  Make the ends into rounded triangles.
Hot glue the small black pom pom to the large pom pom right in the middle
Next glue on the ribbon bow and ears to the top of the black pom pom
Glue the bell right under the ribbon
Glue the black cloths pin to the back of the white pom pom
Glue a loop of ribbon to the top of the pop pom for hanging

They make a great girt set or you can even tie them to a gift package.

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micah said...

Great Project! Merry Christmas from