Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pamper Your Feet

Our feet should not be left out of our beauty regiment. Our feet can benefit from some tender loving care. After all they get us from one point to the next. So let’s take some time and exfoliate those dry cracked overworked, tired feet.

Here is what you will need:

• Dish Pan
• Painters Sand Sponge
• Soft Towel
• Fresh squeezed lemon juice
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Epson Salt

Make a massaging cream with olive oil and Epson salt.  Mix the two ingredients together until you have a oily paste.
Remove all of your dry calluses with the painter’s sponge before you soak your feet in warm water.   
Next rub lemon juice all over your feet with a cotton ball.  Allow the lemon juice to set on your feet for a few minutes to help exfoliate and remove all the dead skin cells.   
Place your feet a tub of warm water and allow them tootsies to soak and relax the days strain away.

After your feet have soaked for several minutes remove one foot at a time placing your foot on the dry towel and massage in the olive oil and Epson salt paste. This will buff away all of the remaining dead skin cell and leave you with smooth soft feet. Once your have massaged your foot well sit it back in the tub of warm water. Repeat with the other foot. Once both feet have been done towel them off and you will be left with some happy tootsies.


Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds wonderful. Can't wait to try it.

Katie Jones said...

I'm a new follower and visitor from the blog hop. It's great to meet you. Feel free to stop by my blog for a visit anytime, I look forward to keeping in touch.

Red Nomad OZ said...

Wow! That sounds relaxing!! Pity I can't follow the instructions and blog at the same time!!

Have a FAAAABULOUS weekend!

SamanthaD said...

Great post!


HOPE said...

I'm over from 40 FF, and I laughed when I saw your feet post, why? because mine need some TLC, thanks for the reminder.
I look forward to learning more about you. I'm new to blogging and love these hops.

Ms Bibi said...

I was just commenting on how dry and flaky my feet are. I think tonight I will pamper myself a bit being Friday and all.

I am stopping by and visiting from Java and I am your newest follower over 40,lol


Seams Inspired said...

Yum! My feet could definitely use this treatment. :o) Visiting and following from the Over40 hop. Happy Friday! :o)

Hand Crafter said...

Sounds like heaven to me! I've never tried lemon juice before, but I will now! Thanks!

Found you while blog hopping! I'm your newest follower!

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hey! Just dropped back to thank you for your visit and comment! So great to meet new friends - hope to see you back real soon!

Happy travels!!