Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saving Quest

There must be more to life than having everything. Maurich Sendak

Our quest to save! With a family of five, two females and 3 males, we all shave. When asked to purchase more razors, my first response was, “I just bought razors.” The teacher in me came out and I did the math. We as a family are consuming 8 to 10 triple bladed razor heads a month. Costing us $1.75 each a cost of $17.50. With our savings quest in mind I found razors for $0.42 each a total of $4.20 a month saving us $13.30. Come to find out all of us like the 42 cent razors better and they seem to last longer as well, which will equate to more savings.
Total monthly savings $38.30 our goal is to save and be less stressed in the end. Giving us more quality time with the children.


Windy said...

Do you mind if I ask you hat brand of razors you tried. I have a family of 7 who all shave. I would love to find a cheaper razor to try.



Tami said...

We have been using Gillette.