Saturday, October 4, 2008

Time to Save

I find myself trying to save, save on food, save on house hold products, and ways to save on energy. This economy is taking a toll on my family. My family finds themselves living on a single income after always just surviving on two. I know that it is not just happening to my family, but many others as we find ourselves being touched by these economic hard times.

Saving, Saving and more saving. What have we been doing as a family to save? First thing we have cut back on renting movies for the family saving us any where between $20.00 to $30.00 a month. You ask what do we do instead with a house of teenagers! Yes I said teenagers and we can't watch a movie... We have become a family of the good old board games, which has in turn brought our family closer together. It has created a great time to communicate and enjoy one another's time. So I should say this saving thing has been challenging but it has also brought us together and created a much closer family!

I will continue sharing our saving tips that in turn are bring us all closer.

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Annie Beth said...

Hey Tami nice to hear from you!