Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family Vegetable Plot

With our move over the last year I knew that it would take me awhile before I had the garden I wanted and needed to help save the family money. We worked all through the winter and early spring to get a corner of our back yard ready for the new family vegetable plot. My oldest son and husband worked hard to get up the new fence, which was built by using money that we had saved using coupons through out the year. Each time we used a coupon we placed the savings into a garden jar. Remember we as a family are not using credit any more. Once the fence was up it was up to me and my youngest son to plan the vegetable garden and plant it. This journey has brought us together, and helped us build knowledge, and skills that will be useful for a lifetime. Both boys also walked away from the project with a since of accomplishment of a job well done.

We all have our eyes on the first tomato of the season.

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