Sunday, July 4, 2010

Money Saving Solutions

Grow your own Vegetables: Not only will you save your family money, but you will know that your family is getting the freshest and most nutritious vegetables out there.
Can and Freeze: Can and freeze what you grow and also what is in season. This will save you money through out the year.
Meal Planning: Plan your meals and make a list before you hit the grocery store. This will keep you on track with what needs to be purchased and save you from making those impulse buys.
Cook and Freeze: When cooking dinner make a little extra for freezing. Place in individual containers so that it can be used for a packed lunch. My husband and I do packed lunches for work. The children come home for lunch and choose what they want to heat up for lunch; we are down the street from their school.
Bread and Tortillas: Make your own bread and tortillas these daily items that you eat will save you money when you make your own.
Dried Beans: Use dried beans in recipies to stretch the meal. I will cook a pot of beans in the crock pot and then freeze in one cup portions for putting into my recipes to help stretch the meal. When you have teenagers you need to stretch.
Filtered Water: We have turned to filtered water instead of bottle water. Not only does it save on the monthly food bill but it helps save the environment.
Coupons and Club Cards: When shopping use your coupons along with the story savings cards. This will help you save extra on your grocery bill.
Save your Receipts: This will allow you to see how much a meal cost and how you could shave the saving on the meal.
Ten Second Rule: My mom has always told us to do the 10 second rule when purchasing something she says to ask your self, do I really need it? How much will I use it? Will I really enjoy it?
Bartering: We barter with friends and family. Trading services with one another instead of spending money on services.

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