Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday


Show us your life/ room/ work/ house/ drive to work, etc. in pictures!

My day as a working mom begins at 5:15 am where the first stop in the kitchen to have that morning cup of wake up.

Once I have the proper mixture of cream and coffee I head to the couch where I sit with my grandma’s quilt and enjoy my coffee with the morning news or a show on HGTV. 
Once I wake up which takes me awhile because I’m not one for mornings.  I head to our huge master bathroom.
OK so I stretch the truth a little we have an extremely small bath room that’s right you are looking at all of it. All that is missing from this picture is the door to the shower that you have to turn sideways to get in because it is the size of a refrigerator. Once ready I’m out the door by 6:45 am, for my commute through the rice fields and fruit orchards.

Once at work, I have the best job ever and that is to play! I’m a preschool teacher where I get to help working moms like you have a great day knowing that their children are in good hands learning a playing so that they can tell you all about their adventures at school.

Come and see what I do at Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers


Gina said...

Thank you for taking care of our kids. I adore my son's teachers and am so thankful for them. I have one less thing to worry about knowing they are in good hands.

Julia said...

awesome that you're a preschool teacher!! i look forward to connecting with you more!! thanks for linking up! and i can't miss a cup of coffee in the morning.