Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chalk Board Jars

I have been collecting jars over the last few months so that I could store all of my dried goods in the pantry.  They worked great but sometimes you would go into the pantry to get something and something would look the same.  (Not a good idea)  So to eliminate the problem I used chalk board paint on the jars to label them with.  It looks nice and clean and no more mistakes. 

You will need chalk board paint, sponge brush, container for paint and blue painters tape.
First tape on a square or rectangle shapes onto the jar using the painters tape.  This will give you nice clean lines.
Next brush on the paint, using the sponge brush.  Put the paint on real thick so that it will not streak.
Allow the jars to dry.
Peel off tape and write what is inside of the jar with white chalk.


Liz said...

What a great idea! So cute and handy!
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Christine said...

I never knew you could use chalkboard paint on glass. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing it ans stopping/following me from Follow Friday. I'm following you back because I love your great ideas.


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