Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Me On Monday

1.          Do your pants get hung on a hangar or folded?
They are folded in the closet. Just did that the other weekend when organizing the closet.

2. If you are stranded on an Island, what 3 things would you need to have with you (not including humans or electronic devices)?

Hair band (would have to wear my hair up)
Lighter (watched to many Servers’)
Lotion (need soft skin)

3. Where is the farthest you have ever traveled to?

Well I have lived in many different states, but the farthest I have ever traveled would be to Kona Hawaii. I got there and didn’t leave for quit sometime. I always say that if I come up missing you will find me in Kona.

4. Do you live in a house, trailer or apartment, etc.?
I live in a 1964 home. And yes it is older then I but I would not trade it for anything. It fits me just right.

5. What is your most hated household chore?
Hands down, it is washing all those bloody windows.  I guess if I would do a room a week it wouldn’t
be that bad, but who wants to do that?
Next to windows are the darn blinds and shutters, who wants the wipe each blade of the blind.  Not me.


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Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I'm with you on the blinds. Unfortunately for my budget - when I found out how inexpensive they had gotten I sometime just throw them away and buy new....

Gramma Ann said...

I understand why you like Hawaii, I only visited the islands for two weeks, many years ago, but loved the visit. I hate windows and blinds also.

Thanks for the visit and nice comment.

EmptyNester said...

I'm with you on the blinds...and windows. I'm a new follower from Meet Me On Monday!

Jo-anne (Blossy) said...

Washing windows. Is that a chore? I guess I forgot about that one considering I don't wash windows.