Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glitter Pumpkin Deco

Family traditions are really important to my children. They never grow too old to still want to do some of those holiday traditions. I was not up to the mess of carved pumpkins yet. I know that the family can’t wait to carve their pumpkins, I guess they are never are too old to want to create their own original pumpkin carving. I think it is more of a competition now than anything. So we added a new tradition this year and did some glittery pumpkins, since they are the rave this season. As you know I am a frugal mom and was not up to spending the savings on those fancy glitter pumpkins I keep see everywhere. So we went with our own take on the glitter pumpkin. We added white school glue to the paint so that it would give the paint a shiny look; it also allowed the glitter to stick to the wet paint.

• Set pumpkins on trays
• Mix equal parts of paint and glue
• Sprinkle with glitter
• Set out to dry

Make sure you have extra pumpkins because the kids are going to want to make more than one. Once they mad a pumpkin for mom they all decided to make one of a kind painted pumpkins. Tradition is tradition and I’m sure next year they will make me break out the paint and glitter.


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