Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Party Game

Here is a great fall party game for the little one. They will be learning, laughing and having a good time with this party game.

How to make

I made pumpkin bean bag out of felt (orange, black, brown and green). I was able to get 4 pumpkins out of two craft felt sheets. I hot glued the face, stem, leaf and vine (pipe cleaners wrapped around a ball point pen) to the top piece of the pumpkin. I then sewed a back piece to the pumpkin leaving a hole at the bottom to fill with rice. Once filled with rice I sewed it shut.
I made enough bean bags for a group of 6 children (2 bean bags each) to play a bean bag letter toss game with. 
I wrote letters on paper plates that we had been working on over the last few weeks.  I then placed the plates on the floor with the basket of pumpkin bean bags. 
Each child stands behind the line and tosses their bean bag, trying to land the bean bag onto the plate. As a child landed their bean bag onto a plate they identified the letter and then give the letter sound. If they needed help they asked a friend to help them.

Variations for the game:

• Numbers on the plates
• Picture cards on the plate (building vocabulary)
• Names of people at the part (Early Reading)

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