Sunday, November 7, 2010

Enjoying The Lives We Live

Enjoying The Lives We Live

Happiness is not a possession. Happiness is a quality of thought, a state of mind.

It makes me happy…

Week 4

• Playing a game of cards with all the kids.
• To have that gut wrenching laugh with your friends
• Sit down dinner for two with your husband. Talking about all the good things that happened
   this week.
• Curling up with my blanket and a good novel. It has been awhile since I enjoy a good book
   now I remember why I enjoy it so much.
• Baking cookies on a rainy afternoon with your son.
• Hopping in rain puddles during your morning walk. Sometimes it just feels good to act young.
• Stepping on the scale and seeing that you lost another pound.


Shawn Becker said...

You have a very nice, inspiring blog and I am now your newest follower from the Sunday Surf.

Mary said...

New Follower! Would love you stop by and follow back.

Jen M said...

New follower via Relax & Surf Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! Happiness is contagious, too! :-)