Saturday, November 6, 2010

Household Tips and Tricks

Tip #2

One of the things that keep’s me on track when it comes to cleaning is having a dusting caddy. My caddy has all my dusting items in it. This allows me to move from room to room with out having to go back and find anything. It also makes it easier for someone to help me with the dusting like the kids.

 Here is what inside…

• Old socks great for the children
• Swiffer with extending handle
• Dusting polish of choice
• Scratch cover markers for hiding those scratches the children make

Here is how the kids can help, have them wear a sock on each hand. Then have them go around and dust any surface they wish to dust, reminding them to be careful of items sitting on surfaces. Or you can have the dust the dreaded base boards, children love to help it makes them feel helpful and grown up.

Keeping it clean one house at a time

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Great tips!
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Klara Jones said...

:) I found some really good domestic cleaning tips here. I think I'll visit it regularly for some more. ;P

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