Monday, January 10, 2011

Household Tips and Tricks

Keeping it clean one house at a time
Tip #5

With a busy life style it is hard to take a whole day for cleaning the house from top to bottom. I have found that it is easer and less stressful if I break down all the household chores into a regular weekly and monthly rotation schedule. When I do it this way it insures that nothing goes undone for more than one week or one month depending on the chore.

Make two list of your cleaning chores that you do weekly and monthly. Once you have your list break it into days that each chore will get done.

Weekly List of Chores

• Showers and Tubs
• Toilets and sinks
• Mop
• Mirrors and Glass doors
• Dust
• Vacuum and Sweep (I do this twice a week)
• Microwave

Monthly List of Chores

• Ceiling Fans
• Refrigerator
• Baseboards
• Cobwebs
• High Selves and High Tops of Furniture
• Oven

My kitchen gets cleaned daily. (After every meal)

I do not do household chores on Saturday or Sunday. Saturdays are for yard work and Sundays are for Church and family gatherings.

Here is what my week looks like at a glance

Monday Sweep/Mop/Vacuum

Tuesday Shower/Tubs/Bathroom Sinks/Toilets

Wednesday Mirrors and Glass doors

Thursday Dust and Microwave

Friday Sweep and Vacuum

Monthly chores I combine my monthly chores on the days that I have the fewest chores for the week or the ones that take me the shortest amount of time.

1st Wednesday of every month Ceiling Fans

1st Thursday of every month Baseboards

2nd Wednesday of every month Cobwebs

2nd Thursday of every month High Shelves and Tops Furniture

3rd Wednesday of every month Oven

4th Wednesday of every month Clean out refrigerator (drawers and wipe down shelves) I do this right before my first of the month grocery shopping which is my biggest shopping trip of the month.

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