Thursday, January 20, 2011

Household Tips and Tricks

Keeping it clean one house at a time

Tip #6
Use fresh squeezed lemon juice as a cleaner for some of your kitchen surfaces. It is a great way to go green and it is a great way to make your wallet a little bit greener as well.

Here are some of the ways to use it in your kitchen.

Stove top
It works great as a degrease and the acid from the lemons will break down stains on the stove top in just a few minutes. Squeeze the juice right where you need it and then wipe off with a rag. Stain gone.

Heat a microwaveable cup with water and lemon slices in your microwave for 2 to 3 minute this will loosen up all the grime. Then all you have to do is wipe clean. Stains and grease will be easier to remove and all odors neutralized.

Kitchen Sink
Squeeze juice from one to two lemons. Mix lemon juice with backing soda to form a paste. Use a damp rag to rub the paste in the sink. Let sit for several minutes to allow the lemon acid to break down stains. Rub with rag just like you would with Ajax. Rinse clean.

Cut a lemon in half and stored it in your refrigerator to help control and eliminate all those unpleasant smells.

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Hi there! Found you from the over 40 blog and you have great tips!
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