Monday, May 27, 2013

Children of Two Homes

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my new or not so new children's picture book Children of Two Homes.

I usually do not post much about me or my journey that has brought me to where I am today.  But in light of me introducing you to my book Children of Two Homes which is the story of my own children and their journey of living in two homes.  I thought it was time for you to get to know the authentic me.

If you knew me, you would probably not guess that my family is a blended family or that there is a divorce behind me. I will say that is has taken me years to get where I am today and that it has been a journey of ups and downs for me and our children along the way.

 Finding the new ME

After crying for days or longer I cannot remember, I finally picked myself up and put away the wine (not the kind found in a glass).  It was time to dust myself off.

I had to reflect back on the younger version of me.  The younger me that had hopes, dreams, strength and vision that anything was possible.    
I had to learn to succeed for myself and that of my children.

But how? was the big question I kept asking myself

The light at the end of the tunnel came when I faced up to all the hurt, humiliation, anger, tension, disappointment, feeling of failure and lose of relationships and let it all go.

I had to let go of all the memories and all the hopes and dreams of the past.

I had to mourn the old life, old house, old memories and the old me to give light to the new me.  I had to put it all to rest once and for all.

I stood strong and looked myself in the mirror and told myself that this hurt was not going to define me or my children.  It was going to make a better version of me one that I could be proud of and one my children could be proud of.

It took time to become the new me  

The truth is it took me a year or longer before I looked in the mirror and found the new me the stronger me that was filled with hopes and new dreams.

So why talk about it now?

I finally feel that now I have something positive to offer by talking about our story. 

Top Five Tips to become the new you after divorce

*   Let yourself mourn your old life
*   Let it all go
*   Rediscover your younger self
*   Don't waste time with regret
*   Discover the new side of yourself by exploring new interests

Next week I will reveal how to cope with two separate homes 

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