Saturday, December 11, 2010

Knitting for Gifts

Knitting is something that is simple to do and it can make a great handmade gift. It is still not too late to go and grab some yarn and knit someone something warm. Everyone loves to get warm felt gifts made by hand.

When I make scarves I like to use two yarns at the same time. It is fun to mix and match and make different textures.

If you have never knitted before watch the short clips below. It is really easy to learn how. Join the fun.

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Frugal Invitation said...

Sometimes I get on a knitting spree, and make several scarves. What's funny about it all is I don't use knitting needles. I use the knifty knitter to do my knitting. It works fine for me, but I am still interested in learning how to knit with actual needles. I may have to check out the videos you posted.

Happy Holidays